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Veritas Associates Inc. is an oil service company primarily furnishing drilling rig inspections, drilling rig acceptance testing and drilling rig commissioning. Veritas furnishes rig cold stacking procedures, stacking supervision. Veritas also performs safety inspections, pollution control inspections, well control equipment (BOP) inspections, drilling contractor management systems audits, accident investigations and drilling efficiency studies. Veritas maintains a database of highly qualified oil field personnel, available for temporary or permanent assignments. Veritas furnishes project management and project engineering. Veritas also does vessel on hire surveys

Veritas Associates, Inc furnishes legal consulting and expert witnesses for oil field and drilling rig related incidents including personal injury, drilling rig equipment failures and misapplication of drilling equipment. We are experts in analyzing management systems failures, equipment caused incidents and mechanical downtime problems. We have been involved in numerous contract arbitrations and lawsuits. We have extensive experience in the development of contractual rig equipment specifications.

Cold and Warm stacking Offshore and Land Drilling Rigs

Cold and Warm stacking Offshore and Land Drilling Rigs furnishes drilling rig stacking supervision and on site cold stack planning for land rigs or offshore drilling rigs. We offer our services to drilling contractors to cost effectively and properly stack drilling rigs. We also offer our services to oil companies to ensure that  rigs that are being considered for contract have been properly stacked to minimize mechanical downtime and impending safety  issues.

Veritas Associates Inc. is presently for Sale

Veritas Associates, Inc has been in business since 1995. The initial founders of the company are still employed with the company and are available for helping set up or running the company. We will sell all or any percentage of the company and we will be available to help with any jobs or report writing as needed. Call on our cell phone (281) 731-8367 if you would like to discuss.


Drilling Rig Inspection , Acceptance Testing, Rig Audits and Rig Commissioning services
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Drilling Contractor's Management Systems Audits
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Client Perception Surveys
Accident and Incident Investigations, Safety Inspections and Safety Management Systems Audits
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Do You or Your Company:

bullet Depend on the performance of drilling rigs, drilling contractors and marine vessels for your company's profitability and budget compliance?  
bullet Select drilling rigs, drilling contractors, marine vessels and marine vessel operators based on safety performance and downtime history? Wish to perform a due diligence examination of the drilling rig and drilling contractor?
bullet Purchase, finance or insure drilling rigs, marine vessels, drilling contractors or oil drilling equipment?
bullet Have a vested interest in improving your company's financial performance through improved efficiency and better project management?
bullet Become involved with litigation due to personal injury, property loss, or contractual disputes?
bullet Wish to determine your clients' perception of your company and develop a plan to improve their perception?
bullet Have a profound interest in your company's profitability and Total Quality Management Program?


"You don't need to inspect or audit all of your operations --

 just the ones you want to succeed."


"You inspect what you expect"



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List of Services Performed and Furnished by Veritas Associates, Inc

1.    Drilling Rig Inspection Services, Rig Audits

2.    Drilling Rig Audit Services and Safety Systems Audits and Inspection

3.   Jack-up, Land Rig, Semisubmersible, Platform, Drill Ship and General MODU Inspections and Audits

4.    Legal Consulting and oil and gas related Expert Witness Services, Petroleum expert witness, Oilfield expert witness, oil and gas, Drilling Rig Expert witness, Offshore expert witness and land expert witness, specializing in Personal Injury, Contract Disputes, Arbitration Cases, Oilfield Oil and Gas Related Expert witnesses.

5.    Project Engineering and Project Management for rig newbuild, construction, repair and refit projects

6.    Rig Acceptance Testing and Rig Commissioning

7.    Accident and Incident Investigations, 

8.    Drilling Contractor Management  Systems Audits

9.   Tug Boat, Supply Vessel,  Anchor Handling and Towing Vessel Inspections services, vessel Audits and On Hire Surveys

10.  Environmental and Pollution Control Surveys and Audits

11.  Rig Efficiency and Drilling Efficiency Studies and Programs

12. Rig Inspections Reduce Mechanical Downtime

13. Rig inspections Reduce Personal injuries and accidents

14. Safety audits

15. Veritas Associates, Inc. furnishes drilling rig cold stacking and planning procedures and on site drilling rig stacking supervision.



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