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Planning For Remote Area Operations

Many of us at Veritas Associates have had years of experience starting up operations in remote locations in various parts of the world and, as such, we have developed a remote area start up guide. This start up guide has been written and compiled using the knowledge of many people in the industry. It involves all disciplines normally involved in remote start up operations, including both operator and drilling contractor personnel. The Start Up Guide contains checklists, critical path planning and descriptive narratives, describing all phases of remote start up operations. This Guide is regularly used in teaching Drilling Efficiency and Drilling Project Management at the Chevron Amoco Training School. I personally teach this school. The value of detailed startup planning can not be over emphasized. If one step is omitted, millions of dollars can be lost. Many people present themselves as experts in various phases of drilling operations. Some even claim to know a great deal about start up operations. Believe me when I tell you that are only a few people in our industry that know how to start up an operation in a remote location. None of these people have developed a written start up plan. We have

Here is what Veritas can do for you:

Sell the Start Up Guide to you and let you use it exclusively for all of your start up programs.
Sell you the Start Up Guide and consult with you on how to start up your operations.
Sell you the Start Up Guide and actually go to the location and assist your operations personnel set up the operations.
  Trouble shoot existing operations, using our Start Up Guide.
Assist the operator and the contractor in developing and implementing a plan to correct any start up problems.