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Paul D. Baumgardner - US Resident - US Citizen - Update Oct. 1995

Computer Skills:  Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Microsoft Project

Paul Baumgardner has over thirty years experiences in the contract drilling business both rig based and as senior management. He is the owner of Veritas Associates, a company specializing in auditing drilling contractor‘s management systems and rig equipment. He is available and well qualified to function as operations manager or project manager on projects involving setting up and organizing drilling operations in all areas of the world with emphasis on remote or frontier areas. He is also available, well qualified and experienced in problem identification of substandard operations by inspecting drilling equipment and auditing management systems and management performance. This includes recommending solutions to problems and the implementation of operational improvements. This service is done for both drilling contractors and oil companies. He is also available and is experienced to function as rotational operations manager/superintendent on day to day drilling operations.

Bill R. Wright- US Resident - US Citizen - Update Oct. 1995

Computer Skills: Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Database

Mr. Wright, University of Oklahoma 1952, has been involved in the oil industry for 43 years having spent the first eight years with Texaco and Shell. Ten years were spent supplying equipment to the oil industry in the Houston area, first with his own company and then through a bearing/power transmission distributor. The last 25 years has been in offshore drilling activities working for Atwood Oceanic, Diamond M, Atlantic Pacific Marine, Eaton Engineering, Korea Drilling Company, Applied Drilling Technology Inc., Petroleum Engineers and Veritas Associates. Duties included sub-sea engineer, offshore manager, shipyard construction manager, drill ship design, advisor to a foreign drilling contractor, sales and contract manager for turnkey drilling and consultants. Areas of operation have been in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, Korea, Brazil, Aberdeen, USA.

C. M. Oldenburg (Mike) - US Resident - US Citizen - Updated Oct. 1995

Computer Skills: Cape, Spreadsheets, Word Processing

C.M. Oldenburg, Petroleum Engineer, Colorado School of Mines, 1965. He is a consulting engineer, having worked as: a drilling engineer, drilling supervisor, drilling manager and operations manager. He has been continuously employed in the petroleum industry for 30 years. His experience has included working for: Techpetrol - Argentina, Union Pacific Resources - Texas, Crescent Petroleum - Sharjah, Union Pacific - Bulgaria, British Gas - Tunisia, Alcorn Petroleum - Philippines, Marathon - Tunisia, Springfield International -Tunisia, Diamond Shamrock - Tunisia, Woods Petroleum - Brunei, Elf - Angola, SOEKOR - South Africa, Rio Colorado - Argentina, Shenandoah - Guatemala. He has been a drilling foreman for Conoco and a directional driller for Eastman.

Robert E. (Bob) Clayton - US Resident - US Citizen - Updated Nov. 1995

Bob Clayton has thirty-two years continuous employment as a Drilling Engineer, Drilling Supervisor, and Drilling Superintendent in exploration/development drilling, and completion/work over operations utilizing land, jackup and floating rigs in the U.S. Gulf Coast, Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. He has completed many drilling/industry related schools and seminars including Well Control, Floating Drilling, Drilling Fluids and the Exxon Drilling Engineering School. He has a current MMS Certificate, Operators Representative: Basic Surface/Subsea, Drilling/Completion/Work over/Well Service. He speaks good Spanish, fair Portuguese and some Indonesian. He maintains Argentine permanent residency status. He has the capability of handling total operational responsibilities for international or domestic operations.

George E. Lyerly - Brazilian & US Resident-US Citizen-Update Dec. 1995

Computer Skills:  Dims, OPICS, Spreadsheets, Word Processing

Mr. Lyerly, Petroleum Engineer, Texas A&M ‘67 has 28 years of experience in the drilling industry, and has been an independent consultant for the last 8 years.  Mr. Lyerly has performed assignments and held permanent positions as a Drilling Manager, Superintendent, Well Site Supervisor and Drilling Engineer in many areas of the world, both onshore and offshore on all types of rigs including deep water semisubmersibles. Mr. Lyerly is highly experienced and well qualified to provide well site supervisory services, wellsite or office based engineering services, or management services on a worldwide basis, particularly in remote locations. He is experienced with the management and supervision of both operator and drilling contractor operations including turnkey drilling operations.

Richard Marion Greff - US Resident - US Citizen - Update Dec. 1995

Mr. Greff, a registered professional engineer in Texas has 16 years experience in offshore construction, including the construction of drilling rigs, and drilling operations. Mr. Greff has served as Rig Manager, Construction Manager, Special Projects Manager, and in various Engineering positions. Mr. Greff is available for employment, either as a consultant or employee, as a Manager, Superintendent or Engineer on oilfield construction projects, such as new rig building, or major refits.

Linn G. Melzer - US Resident - US Citizen - Update Jan. 1996

Computer Skills: Epidoris, Dims, Wellplan, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, and Freelance.

Mr. Melzer, has 27 years of experience as both and employee and as a consultant. He has held positions as a wellsite drilling supervisor and as an office superintendent for a number of companies both in the United States and worldwide. Mr. Melzer is highly experienced in the drilling, testing and completion of oil and gas wells in many areas of the world including but not limited to the Gulf of Mexico, East Coast of the United States, the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, South East Asia and West Africa. He has utilized land rigs, inland barge rigs, jackups, platform rigs and semisubmersibles. Mr. Melzer is experienced with solving all types of drilling problems including those associated with high pressures, gumbo, H2S, lost circulation, high angle directional and horizontal drilling. Mr. Melzer is available for assignment to wellsite and office work on a worldwide basis.

James A. Hagler - US Resident - US Citizen - Update Feb. 1996

Computer Skills: Word Processors, Spread Sheet Program, Engineering Programs

James Hagler graduated May, 1975 from Miss. State with a B.S. Degree in Petroleum Engineering. (Registered Professional Engineer State of Texas) His past work experience includes drilling/completions in both high/low pressure, high angle and horizontal wells. Areas of work include Texas, Rocky Mountains, Mid Continent, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana Gulf Coast and offshore, South America (Venezuela), Nigeria and Indonesia. Mr. Hagler has worked as a wellsite supervisor and in-house Engineer utilizing land rigs, inland barges, and offshore Jack-ups. He has also worked as a consulting employee for Gulf, Conoco, Vastar, Shell, Diamond Offshore Turnkey Services and various independents.

A. Murray W. Noble - US Resident - UK Citizen - Update Mar. 1996

Mr. Noble's career spans a period of thirty (30) years, in twenty five (25) foreign countries. During the last fourteen (14) years he has acted in an executive position, representing international Oil & Gas Drilling and Marine Organizations. His activities have included developing and building new divisions, reorganizing and managing existing operations with the goal and objective of increasing the companies overall business activities.

William Hawryluk - US Resident - Canadian Citizen - Update Jun 1997

Mr. Hawryluk has over twenty seven (27) years experience as a Manager and Supervisor of Operations for both Drilling Contractors and Operators in many areas of the world. During the past three years, Mr. Hawryluk has been a Consulting Drilling Manager and Well Site Drilling and Workover Supervisor. He has worked both offshore and onshore with various types of drilling rigs.

David Kent Riddle - US Resident - UK Citizen - Update July 1996

Mr. Riddle is a seasoned professional with thirteen (13) years experience in the oil and gas industry, primarily performing land and/or title work.  His experience includes overseeing acquisition of new oil, gas and mineral properties, distribution of all royalty and working interest monies due, permitting of 3-D seismic geophysical properties, coordinating AFE's for new drilling ventures, working closely with Joint Interest Owners and dealing with State and Federal Agencies.  Mr. Riddle's major strengths include organization, planning, supervision and property acquisition.  He is dependable, thorough and well organized planner who communicates effectively.

Wayne D. Young - UK Resident - Canadian Citizen - Update Jun 1997

Computer Skills: Word Processing, Spreadsheets and others

Wayne Young has twenty (20) years experience primarily with operators onshore and offshore, international and domestic (Canada).  Mr. Young has held positions including a Drilling Manager, Drilling Supervisor and Drilling and Completions Foreman.  Mr. Young is available for assignments worldwide on both a rotating and permanent basis either as a consultant or as an employee.

Mark William Shartel - US Resident - US Citizen - Update Nov. 1997

Mr. Shartel has a B.S. in Marine Engineering from California Maritime Academy and holds a 2nd Assistant Engineer Motor Vessels of any horsepower, as well as a 3rd Assistant Engineer of Steam Vessels of any horsepower license.  Mr. Shartel is seeking employment as an operating Marine Engineer or permanent operations Engineer in a power plant or related field.

Orville K. McNally -- US Resident -- US Citizen -- Updated May 2000

Orville McNally has over thirty (30) years of oilfield experience, with 17 years specializing as a Sub-Sea Engineer.  Safety, maintenance troubleshooting and rebuilding equipment built prior to 1985 are among his qualifications.  Mr. McNally is seeking short or long term employment as a Sub-Sea Engineer.

Randall L. Anderson -- US Resident -- US Citizen -- Updated June 2000

Randall Anderson has over twenty-three (23) years of experience in the oilfield industry specializing as a Wellsite Supervisor.  His professional training includes well control and certificates (subsea and surface at the supervisory level) valid until 2002.   Mr. Anderson is available for assignments worldwide.

Julien M. Wagner -- Resident of Canada -- Updated June 2000

Julien Wagner has over twenty-seven (27) years of experience with exotic recovery systems (fireflood, steam).  He has held various management and supervisory positions with expertise in sand control, production, fishing and packers.  He also has working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel and enjoys working with people.  Mr. Wagner is seeking worldwide assignments as a Wellsite Supervisor on both a rotating and permanent basis either as a consultant or as an employee.

Maxwell Hogg -- Citizen of UK -- US Resident -- Updated June 2000

Max Hogg has over twenty-six (26) years of experience as a Subsea and Marine Engineer.  He has done project engineering for rig upgrades and has been Subsea BOP Inspector and Subsea Project Engineer.  Mr. Hogg is a licensed Marine Engineer and is seeking worldwide assignments.