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                         The Woodlands, TX 77387-7536
         Phone: 281-364-1111
        Cell: (281) 731-8367



Veritas Associates carries full liability insurance as required by oil operators for offshore work. Copies of our insurance certificates will be sent to you on request.



Dayrate is normally $1,450 per man per day. The dayrate commences when the consultant leaves his home,  continues until the consultant returns home and completes the report.  The billing for standby and travel time will be $1,450 per man per day or 200 / hour.  Please call (281) 364-1111 or e-mail us for a complete job cost estimate.

Rig/Drilling Efficiency Program 

The program costs will be  the normal Veritas day rate as set out above, plus expenses as follows:


Expenses are normally billed at actual cost, except when out of pocket cash expenses exceed US$500. These expenses will then be billed at cost plus ten percent (10%). Applicable expenses include meals and lodging while traveling to and from the jobsite and while at the jobsite. Taxis, rental cars or hired transportation to get to meetings or jobsite are expensed. Airline travel is also included in expenses.


Expert Witness and Legal Consulting Services

Services for both plaintiff and defense counsels as well as being available for depositions and trial preparation assistance are billed at US$1,450 per day or US$200 per hour.  Stand-by time is billed at US$700.00 per day.


Report Fees

Inspection/Audit reports will be billed at US$1,450 to the client. The client is furnished with three reports. Additional copies are billed at US$200 per copy.


Airline Travel

Airline travel within the continental United States will be economy class. Airline travel out of the United States will be business class. Airline travel will be billed at cost plus ten percent (10%).


Automobile Travel

Automobile mileage will be billed at $1.50 per mile ($1.50) and will originate at the Veritas office in The Woodlands, Texas and return.



All taxes assessed and levied by the United States will be for the account of Veritas Associates Inc. All taxes levied or assessed by governments, other than the United States Government, resulting from the services of Veritas Associates Inc. will be for the account of the customer.



All invoices are net 30 days on all undisputed amounts. Any invoices not paid within 30 days will be subject to an interest rate of 1.5% per month.