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A client survey is typically designed to:

  1. Form a stronger, more productive, relationship between you and your customers.

  2. Acquire relevant information which helps you plan your long term growth strategies.

By developing a clear understanding of your customer's perception of your company, you will capitalize on identified strengths and better address weaknesses. Additionally, by focusing on customer needs and anticipating change, your company can avoid pursuing projects that may be inappropriate, ineffective, or not cost effective. Armed with this information, your company can develop programs and services that will lead to additional business and profits from existing or new customers. Experience has shown that clients value their association with contractors and suppliers and are typically willing to provide detailed and valuable feedback. Many customers appreciate being asked for their opinion. Conducting a customer survey sends a strong message to your customers; that quality customer service is a top priority for your company. Because your company's identity is undisclosed until after the survey is completed, the information gained is candid and objective. Utilizing outside consultants for these surveys validates your customer concern and objectivity. Because of the nature of our business, Veritas is in close contact with the majority of major oil operators and, more specifically, with the drilling and engineering managers. These are the decision makers and equipment and service selectors. We would like to have the opportunity to discuss our detailed plan for customer surveys and company perception enhancement with you.